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xLabs APIs allow you to record everything that happens when someone visits a website – any website.

  • HTML session recording & replay

  • Mouse movement & click action recording

  • Eye/gaze & visual attention tracking

  • Emotional response measurement via facial coding

  • Compatibility with any third party website or survey platform

  • Everything delivered as embedded Javascript

Key technologies

Our solution is delivered via Javascript modules that you can embed into any website. These modules allow recording of face-videos from user webcams and record users’ browser activity via HTML DOM mutation – far faster and more efficient than making a screen video. Our face recording API is faster than any other method. It’s so efficient it even works in-browser on smartphones, and uses minimal data.

  • HTML session recording API
  • Webcam face tracking & recording API

Analysis Services

Analysis and presentation of user sessions is made possible through additional services. These services are all delivered via documented Javascript APIs, which means you can access these capabilities through our website portals or via your own software or websites.

  • HTML session (re)player
  • Eye + Gaze tracking algorithms
  • Emotion analysis via facial coding
  • Management of stimuli media (videos, images, etc)
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